FAQ: About our Child Care

What routines will the sitter be willing to follow?  

  • Sitter will attempt to follow the routines, dietary schedule/routine, bed time, etc provided by the parent prior to services.

· During the time of services, what will the sitter be doing?  

  • Sitters  are encouraged and required to create a reinforcing and fun environment while encouraging play, socialization, fun and games. 

· How will the sitter handle behavioral concerns?  

  • Prior to services, an “about me” will be provided to the parents requesting information about their children’s likes, dislikes, and behavioral concerns they may have. Having prior knowledge of concerns, sitters will attempt to be mindful to create a positive reinforcing environment. If  behavioral concerns were to arise, sitters will follow protocols provided by the parents first, then call the Crisis Management Team.

· What behavioral concerns warrant a call to the Crisis Management Team?  

  • Behavioral concerns that would warrant a call to the Crisis Management Team include      property destruction, self injurious behaviors, and aggression towards      others, all which have unsuccessfully been redirected by the sitter. 

· What will the Crisis Management Team do?  

  • Once the Crisis Team is called they will attempt to mediate and verbally guide the sitter through the behavioral concern. If concern persist, sitter will be directed to keep all others and the child safe while assuring all objects and environmental dangers are eliminated. A Crisis Team Member      will head to the home and attempt to reduce the behavioral concern.      Parents will be notified every 10-15 minutes with updates, and will only      be requested to come home if necessary. 

· Will sitter reinforce or implement any daily programs that are currently in place? (Behavior Plans, PECS program, and Dynavox Programs,etc.)  

  • Yes, prior to services these programs and the implementation techniques will be requested to be provided to the sitter. 

· How will my sitter be chosen?  

  • Based on the child’s “About Me,” and scheduling, sitters will be chosen uniquely to fit the needs of the family. 

· Can I choose my own sitter?  

  • Absolutely, SCCS will do its best to fit the family with the sitter they feel most comfortable with. If availability allows, the sitter of their choice will      be scheduled for the services. 

· How can I get information on the sitter prior to services?  

  • Prior to services, parents will receive an information blog about the sitter      with more about their work history and experience. 

· Is there anything the sitter will not do?  

  • On the “About Me” for the child, parents will share what they would like the sitter to do while caring for their child (feeding, changing, homework, bathing, going to bed). All activities (minus bathing and homework) requested by parents will be required by sitter to follow to the best of their ability. If sitter is comfortable, they will engage in the other activities. 

· What does SCCS mean when they say “special needs?”  

  • A  variety of special needs may include Autism, ADHD, Down syndrome, or no diagnosis with behavioral concerns. These services are provided with quality sitter who are able to provide specialized attention for concerns that may arise. 

· What if i would like more than one of my children seen?   

  • Additional children are welcomed! There will be a flat rate charge for each additional sibling or child, with a max of two additional siblings per      sitter. 

· What age range does SCCS service?  

  • We serve children between the ages of 2-14, exceptions may apply. 

· What locations will the sitters care for the child(ren)?  

  • SItters are available for in-home services, while other locations (events, etc.) will be considered.

· Can i contact the sitter during the time my child is being cared for?   

  • Absolutely! SCCS strives to encourage comfort, in which direct, open communication is available with the sitters throughout their services. 

· Are all sitters licensed as behavior analyst?   

  • No, all sitters are not currently license behavior analyst, however, most have or are currently working the field of ABA or with families. 

· Does the Crisis Management Team consistent of Licensed Behavior Analyst?   

  • Yes! All Members of the Crisis Management Team are either BCBA or BCaBA's.